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                                                                   Albert and Poppy

I don't really mention much about my pugs on my blog, you sometimes see them occasionally pop into my outfit pictures, but if you follow me on Instagram it's a different story. I love these little guys! Albert the apricot pug is mine and Poppy the black pug is the family pug. 

It came to that time of year again where they needed new coats. I wanted a super cute pink fluffy one for a Poppy and a funky one for Albert, so I popped over to Pets at Home and lets say it was a struggle which is annoying as they do have some lovely bits.

The sizing on the ones I wanted to get were very awkward. Pugs apparently take a medium according to their size chart but they were enormous and hung over the back of them by at least 3 inches and the small wouldn't quite do up around their tubby tummys but were perfect in body length. The difference between the size was ridiculous. The medium seemed like a large with the difference from the small.

The only ones I could buy were the ones on the pugs below:

Nothing like the styles I wanted but never the less, they are very practical and the lining is so lovely and fleecey perfect to keep the little guys warm in this weather. 

Albert's is a super cute Barbour-esque coat with a collar and pockets, Poppy's not as cool but the reflective bit on the back is perfect as she's so hard to see when you walk her in the dark. There's also a little zip on the back which means  her harness can go underneath and the lead can clip to it through with the zip open. Also, the lining being so soft definitely makes up for it. The velcro going under the tummy on both coats means you can do it up as much as needed over the tummy which is much better suited for the pugs - well done Pets at Home!

Here are some snaps of the pugs on their morning walk wearing their coats:



I thought I would write this post as it's nice to have a bit of variety on the blog and I wanted to write about it incase people were having a similar issue with their dogs.

I would definitely recommend going to Pets at Home though as the clothing is very reasonably priced and they have some adorable bits - maybe it's just my pugs that are awkwardly sized!

Do you have any suggestions of places for dog clothing? I always find it dodgy ordering the clothes online for the pugs as you can't try it on them so it's good to hear from people what the sizing comes up like.

Claudia xxx



  1. Aww ,so cute!
    I need to get my pooch a winter jacket. I always feel bad taking her out in the cold :(

  2. Aww to cute. They look like they love their coats!

    Hilary has a cute coat with a hood that has fur edge. Its very cute but she hates wearing it.

  3. Aww they are so adoorable! Love their coats!! I have a little doggie too! I'd love it if you dropped by to my blog at
    www.JuneWantsItAll.com and if you like, we could follow each other!

  4. Aw how cute, they look lovely in their new coats :) xx