Designer Lingerie

Bra and Knickers - Elle Macpherson Intimates (The Outnet)

There's nothing I love more than a nice good quality set of undies. I mentioned in my last post that I appreciate and want expensive things a lot more now that I am growing up, especially when I know they are going to last. 

Underwear is a great place to start since it is something that gets worn everyday. 

This Elle Macpherson Evening Luau set is my most recent lingerie purchase and is only £31.80. You pay that sort of money for a set from the High St and as The Outnet is already reduced (you have to nab your size quick as they don't have as much stock as a normal website would) you get them for a great price. The bra was originally £36 and the knickers £23, so that is what I call a bargain. The Outnet is my go to place for designer lingerie - I also tend to grab some in the sales. 

This is my second Elle Macpherson Intimates set and the fit, feel and quality is great. I also have a Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein set. Of course I do still have High St lingerie (I'm a sucker for a bit of Rosie for Autograph) but I would much rather spend out and get a designer set when there isn't hardly any difference in price.  

If it's not personally something you are bothered about or that you feel you want to spend money out on, putting a nice designer set on your birthday or Christmas list is a must, especially if you are struggling with present ideas! 

Below are a few great sets currently on The Outnet:

L-R: Elle Macpherson Intimates £36// Stella McCartney - £42 // Elle Macpherson Intimates £31

Lingerie is something that isn't really ever blogged about, so I thought I would give you guys my thoughts.

Claudia xxx


  1. Ooo pretty! I must confess, I'm a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to bras, peacocks and primark are usually what I'd go for :') But these are pretty reasonable and so cute, I love the lavender set xx

  2. That is quite a discount :) Go you ;D
    I don't ever wear matching underwear haha, but these looks so elegant!

  3. Love love love; added to my christmas wish list! xxx

  4. These are really pretty!

  5. These are so pretty! I'm always looking at the Stella McCartney sets on Net-A-Porter, maybe one day I'll invest in something! xxx

  6. These are so lovely! I definitely think decent underwear is worth investing in! Thanks for your comment on my post too :) I'm following you hun!

    F xx