It's All About The Dip Dye - 'How To'

As I have had a lot of people commenting on my dip dye, I thought I'd do a 'How to' post in case any of you wish to try this at home.
I know it's not exactly rocket science, but I thought I would go through the procedure so that people know what dye to use and how much I mix up. I usually always go to the hairdressers for it but when she can't fit me in, I've done it at home myself, using the same hair dye which is a semi permanent which just sits on the hair and will wash out.

Essential bits and pieces: Mixing bowl, painter brush, bowl, Crazy Colour in 'Pinkissimo' and conditioner

You have to apply crazy colour to wet hair so you need to wash your hair first and divide it into layers starting from the bottom

You need to mix the colour with conditioner depending on how bright you want it to be, add more conditioner for it to be lighter and less for it to be brighter

You should mix it up a little bit darker in the bowl as it will come out a shade lighter once it has been washed off and dried

Once you have painted the dye onto each of the sections it should look like this (above) and you should leave it on for about 15/20 minutes for a bright, even, all over coverage.

Then voila! This is the end result...

I use the same product and copy the procedure as used by my hairdresser.  I buy the crazy colour hair dye from Sallys but you can also buy it very cheaply on ebay for just over £2. My tint brush is from Superdrug and cost just over £1. I have the pink and the lilac crazy colour.  I have been told these "cool" colours wash out easily but it may not be the case if you applied red on hair as blonde as mine.

I have been all over dark fuschia pink in the past (see pic at side of my blog) which washes out to the kind of shade as seen on Amelia Lily when she was on x-factor.  I suggest you start with a heavily diluted colour and go darker as you gain more confidence in the colour and its ability to wash out easily.

Do you think you will give it a go?


  1. nice post :) I've just done mine tonight! Would be fun to be blonde/pink rather than black/ copper though. I love your hair ! x

  2. Really pretty, and a great tutorial!

    Drea xo

  3. Great post.
    I absolutely love your hair!!!
    I wish I could have mine like this but I don't think work would approve...I just about got away with all over dark purple haha!
    :) xx

  4. Awesome tutorial! I wish that would work on my hair! lol

  5. COOL! the outcome looks seriously good! Wish I had the courage to do a look like this

    Rianna xx

  6. Your hair makes me wish i never cut mine off! <3

  7. My hair is too dark for this to work, but I love it!

  8. Thanks for the great tutorial and guidance on how to do it! I really want my hair a lavender colour, so would you say that Crazy Colour is the best dye to use? Also thank you very much for all the lovely comments you have left on my blog, I really appreciate it! XxxX

  9. Ah such a tease this post! I would love to dip dye my hair so scared though! Your hair looks beautiful. Thank you for my comment xx

  10. I've been thinking about doing this, but not too sure, also not sure of the color... But thank you for this post! Very helpful.

  11. That looks frikken amazing !

  12. Really wish this would work on/suit my hair! It looks so cool! xxx

  13. LOVE your hair, thank you for this <3 xx

  14. I've never seen such a nice colour of pink for dip dye! My flatmate was gonna do pink but the Pulp close to us shut down so we couldnt get the dye.

    Defiantly showing her your blog but for that!

    Ruth xxxx

  15. You've got lush locks : ] Awesome pictures & a ton of awesome clothes !