As you may have realised over my last few blog posts I've been buying a lot of clothes recently and these are another few new items.

The Gilet is from Dorothy Perkins, i don't generally shop there or look on their website but my mum was browsing on there and came across it, and the fact it was only £10 in the sale but £8 with my student discount of course at that price I couldn't resist buying it.
The Grey Cable Knit Leggings are from ASOS (surprise surprise) and this is the first time I've worn them but I think they go pretty well with the outfit. I decided to team the whole outfit together with my Floral Dr Martens as I felt I needed a bit more White going on!
Also, for a bit of colour I added my Pink Michael Kors toy watch, my Pink floral headband and bright Pink lipstick
Oh and the Panda ring is from Accessorize (I didn't wear it that way round but did it so i could take a picture) :)
Claudia xxx


  1. Hi, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a sweet comment :)

    I'm loving your vest! I've been on the prowl for it here but haven't had luck so far.


  2. wooooh i like your yeti-esque fur! x