College girl

As per usual I can't help but buy clothes. Whenever I have money and I see something I like, I just have to buy it!
Both the Skirt and jumper above are from New Look and although I don't generally shop there, I had just got paid and was in town so I popped in and came out with these two items.
I really needed a black Skirt anyway as I feel they are essential and had been wearing my sisters when she was home from Uni. I couldn't resist the Jumper as I love the whole 'Collegiate Style' that is around at the moment.
What do you think?
Claudia xxx


  1. Love the jumper, recently I've been trying to avoid them however as theyre appearing in more and more 'chavvy' stores. I think if you can team them with the right outfit and look that they still look great though! I have a monroe piercing so I'm probably no longer the best candidate for them anymore :( x

    This is my reply to your UCA comment on my post :) :
    Hey, yeah, just be yourself. Thats the biggest advice, and don't talk about things completely non relevant to the course, like a tattoo you just got of a poem when the interviewer asked what you've been doing at school... she didn't seem too impressed by someone who said that.
    Err, I won't give too much away because it's probably not a good idea to learn answers to her questions (or his actually, I had the head professor as my interviewer) because you can notice unnaturalness a mile off. Just be prepared with your portfolio and put quite a lot of writing in it.
    I was so scared for my interview and actually made an instant friend in the reception area, we calmed each other down a lot and I hope she got in too! Other than that, I actually found the interview pretty enjoyable so just relax and I'm sure everything will go smoothly. Let me know how it goes!


  2. hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. the outfit looks great on you. wish i could get away with it! but at this age, no dice lol..


  3. I've just happened upon your blog, I really like that jumper but I have to agree, I don't really venture into New Look much either. I don't really have much of a style, in that I just buy what I like, generally regardless of fashion- But nothing in New Look ever really catches my eye. The only thing I've bought from there in the past few months is a faux leather jacket, I do love that. x

  4. You look very cute, I think that New Look are very hit and miss, sometimes they have lots of lovely things and other times theres nothing, I think they've done good this season though! xxx