The Gucci Loafer

Gucci Loafers -

If you saw my last wish list post I had these Gucci loafers on there...they are no longer on that wish list as I very naughtily purchased them.

They're something I've had my eye on for a while and they were completely out of stock and then one morning I went on Net-A-Porter and I had a wishlist notification - they'd come back in stock in my size, it was clearly fate ;) so I decided to take the plunge. How amazing are they though?! I'm usually a size 3/4 and I got these in a 36 (size 3) for reference.

They will never date and they are the comfiest loafers I've ever worn as the leather is super soft. The back also bends down so that you can wear them as mules in the summer - so basically you're paying for two shoes in one which is cool with me!

I know designer shoes aren't for everyone but I do like to splurge on designer accessories now and again and I'm super happy that these are now mine - it really was love at first sight.


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  1. They were most definitely fate! I love them, they're classics that you'll wear forever x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic