Outfit Inspiration For A Meal Out

Coat - Michael Kors
Top - Zara
Cropped Flares - River Island
Loafers - Gucci via Net-A-Porter.com
Bag - Dolce & Gabbana via Net-A-Porter.com

This has to be one of my favourite outfits to date - I wore this for the Mothers Day meal that we treated my lovely mum to on Mothers day. We went to The White Horse in Bearsted which is in Maidstone, Kent (which I would highly recommend BTW). I thought it would be good outfit inspiration for you guys as I know it's hard deciding what to wear as you don't want to be too dressed up going for a nice meal so I think this is perfect as you look nice and polished but not like you're going on a night out.

Everything bar the coat and bag are new purchases this month, I couldn't resist this make-up toned ruffled top, the sleeves and the collar are just too cute. My cropped flares which you probably saw in this post here are becoming a firm fave and then there's my new loves - the gorgeous red Gucci loafers that I very naughtily purchased. How nice are they though? They are well worth the money in my eyes. Oh, and did I mention how bloody comfy they are??? They are the softest leather I have ever felt and they fold down at the back and turn into a mule so basically I've paid for two shoes in one which makes them great value haha! I'm so good at justify purchases.


P.s I forgot to take a picture of my deep fried brie starter but here is what I ate:

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