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MAC brush set 

MAC Bronzer in Matte Bronze// MAC Lipstick In Lady Danger// MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Gilt by Association

Scrunchie set - Topshop// Friendship Bracelet Watch - ASOS

Cat two piece - H&M

Breton left to right - Topshop// H&M

Jacket - H&M

Dress - Topshop

New Balance

T-bar Shoes - Leather Sliders - ASOS 

As you can see in the last month I have been on a bit of a's only when I put this post together that I really how much I had bought.

As you all know I went to Thailand last month so of course I was at the MAC counter in the airport...I love buying make-up nearly as much as I do clothes and there's no greater feeling than trying out your new products for the first time (other than wearing new clothes for the first time). I finally bought Lady Danger after hearing and seeing it all around the blogosphere! I will be doing a review on these bits sometime in the near future. I was also desperate for some new brushes so ended up buying pretty much the entire set - oops.

Then there's the clothes, of course not needing any of them but clearly couldn't resist. Some if these items have already popped up in posts, so I apologise for that!

Can you justify buying 3 new pairs of shoes in less than a month? Of course, I needed all three. The t-bar shoes were just too cute to say no, I've been lusting after sliders for a while and they were a great price and I was desperate for a new pair of trainers as I am wearing my Adidas Stella McCartney's to death.

I haven't gone this crazy in a while so I feel it is acceptable and I'd just returned from holiday so of course I needed to help cure the blues!

Claudia xxx


  1. I love those tbar shoes!

  2. That mac eyeshadow = GORGEOUS! :) x

  3. love the head accessories :)

  4. You bought so many nice things! I love the NB's and striped tops xxx