Wednesday Want

Motel Rocks £55

I love jumpsuits and this one by Motel Rocks is just perfection.  Not only is it my favourite colour (if it isn't for you they also do it in blue) but I love the print. I think it wil be this months pay day treat, then I can wear it out for my friends birthday with a pair of black chunky heels. 

I will also wear it to work with either my black creepers or maybe some loafers to get plenty of wear out of it.

Motel offer 20% student discount, what more persuasion could you possibly need?

Claudia xxx

What's on your Wednesday Want List?


  1. I love the shape of this especially, looks so comfy! xxx

  2. Wow I love that jumpsuit! Motel Rocks is always great for prints! I've always wanted to try and rock a jumpsuit, I've just been too much of a scaredy cat! XxxX