Peter Pilotto for Target

I'm sure you all saw everyone going crazy over the Peter Pilotto for Target collection  that launched on Net-A-Porter on Sunday.  I was up crazy early to ensure I could get my hands on some of the goodies!
It was a pretty big deal as it's the first time us lovely lot in the UK have ever had the chance of getting our hands on any Target designer collaborations and luckily working at NAP meant I knew a  while back that this coming up and was also lucky enough to see a preview of the collection so had made a mental wish list. 

I could have bought a whole lot more - especially with the amazing price range, but I tried to stay sensible, within budget, and just got things I needed, well kind of! (I always need clothes!) 

Pretty much everything has sold out but there are still trainers and a t-shirt available so get them now before they're all gone, plus I am sure there will be some returns, so keep checking.

Did you manage to order anything? 

Claudia xxx


  1. these pieces are amazing and I don't know how I've never heard of this collaboration before, I've always wanted some Target goodies <3

  2. I love all the prints, it looks like you got some amazing pieces! XxxX