John Frieda Sheer Blonde

“Each blonde is different, but one thing they do have in common is that they’re all striving for perfection!” Giles Robinson, Senior Stylist at John Frieda®. 

You all know how much I love to try out new things with my hair, instead of changing my colour this A/W I'm trying out new styles with the much needed help of John Frieda.

As us blondes no longer have the sun to enhance our blondeness, John Frieda is the way forward - not only is it highlight activating, it also gives your hair much needed moisture and nutrition that the cold winter weather can take away. I had never used a shampoo and conditioner especially for blonde hair before, but I love it and the products feel really luxurious to use and will help keep my colour treated hair in tip top condition.

I've tried out a couple of hairstyles from the John Frieda Youtube channel that can be found here:

Before trying these out I washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner seen above...and here are the results - 

The Fish Tail Plait

To create this look, I followed the tutorial in the link above.

I thought it was going to be much harder than it looked but it was actually really simple. I even gave it my own twist by clipping the plaits up to the side (seen above).

It's a perfect hair style for daytime as it's both quick and simple. This style would be great for a windy day when you don't want your hair blowing everywhere. 

The Hair Bow

This is a pretty quirky hairstyle and is perfect for day or evening. It's a super quick "up do" and you don't realise how easy it is until you watch the tutorial. Great for anyone who struggles with a bun!

I'll definitely be sporting this look more often!

Visit the John Frieda YouTube Channel at to watch the videos, and Like the John Frieda® Facebook page at to discover the latest hair care tips. You can also follow them on Twitter
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Check out the Youtube channel to try out these looks.  Which one is your favourite?

Claudia xxx


  1. The hair bow is wicked, i wish my hair was long enough to do it :')
    But yh, you suit blonde :)

  2. When I was blonde I used the John Frieda Go Blonder spray to lighten the colour and also had the spun gold balm, loved it!
    Great hairstyles xoxo

  3. I used to use the go blonder but it damaged my hair, making it weak and break easy, gave up with it and been trying to grow my hair ever since