Summer Shoes

1-4 - Topshop//5-9 -ASOS

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! I've had the first weekend off of work since the last of my holidays in August and it's been so nice and relaxing, yesterday I got my photoshoot for uni done where we had to get a model and three outfits together that were a S/S trend and shoot them all. I will put some pictures up for you asap, it was super fun.

Apart from the atrocious whether in Kent today the weather has been much better recently where I no longer feel like I have to go outside wearing a winter coat, so I've been thinking about summer footwear.

I'm not one for wearing heels during the day time but with only being 5"2 I'm thinking that for this summer I'm going to invest in some of the shoes above maybe not 8 because they are a tad high for the day time but I love them nonetheless. The last pair (9) are actually Dr Martens and with the floral design and cut out I think they are so cute and perfect for sunny days. I'm also thinking that pair number 5 will look super cute teamed with frilly socks.

What do you think of heels for day time?

Claudia xxx


  1. I love daytime heels as I'm so mini, but I tend to shy away from them, unless they're wedges or heeled boots :'] xoxo

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  3. Love your choices! I really want some massive wedges this summer in a really bright colour. I usually buy black shoes but I want to go for something more fun :) xx

    sweet monday

  4. Love the 8th pair. I generally don't wear heels in the daytime, but only because I'm 5ft 7 and so is my boyfriend! But I reckon you should :D x

  5. Need the 8th pair in my life they look amaaaaaaaazing!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  6. these shoes are super cute! I wear wedges or heels with a thicker heel occasionally during the daytime, only because I'm a shortie as well :P
    I LOVE YOU HAIR TOO BTW! i'm now following

    xx janak'trina

  7. I have pair number 2!! I love them! I plan to wear them with thin black tights and my grungy striped denim high waisted skirt!

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  8. I love 1 and 5 :) I'm small too, so wearing heels during the day sounds like a good idea, basically so people will maybe stop assuming I'm about 12 haha. Love your blog, btw :) x