February in Pictures

 Happy Friday !

I haven't done one of these before so here you go! 

February was a pretty good month for me with several trips to London for different things but mainly fashion week where I met some of my favourite celebrities, saw some amazing collections from several designers, met some lovely bloggers and many other wonderful things. I changed my hair a couple of times - from lavender all over to lavender dip dye and now pink dip dye - currently trying to decide what maybe to do next. I had my first wagamamas and purchased my first Italian Vogue in which the photoshoots are amazingggg. Another thing I love about February is that the weather had started to brighten up and you can see my lovely pug sunbathing above on my decking. I can't quite believe we're now in March, Christmas only seems like a couple of weeks ago! Before I know it my first year of uni will be over and I'll be in Ibiza (not that I'll be complaining about that) 

I hope you all had a great February and have an even better March.

Claudia xxx


  1. as if you met Mollie and Pixie, lucky you. Looks like a v fun feb. xx

  2. I love your hair and your style!
    Wagamama is amazing NOM!
    You have a new follower :)
    Teenage Daydreams X

  3. Your little pug is so cuuuute! Also wishing I hadn't dyed my hair a darker shade of blonde, got major pastel hair envy girl! -x

  4. you seriously rock the dip dye look. love it.
    wish i was brave enough!



  5. Great photos, looks like you had a very fun Feb :)
    Your hair always looks great but the pink dip dye...wow! Now THAT is awesome, I love it!


  6. Your hair is amazing! I want hair like that too! x