Saturday Night.

I was so excited that loads of my friends were coming home from Uni for a night out to celebrate on of our friends 19th birthday and one of my sisters was also out at the same venue, so a fun night was had by all.
Apart from the excitement of catching up with my besties, was the fact that I had the opportunity to wear another bargain Asos purchase! I know I have been really bad buying loads of clothes lately, but one of my sisters bought a Lipsy dress in Cobalt Blue just before she went back to Uni at the beginning of October and then when Asos had that mega 70% off one day sale (from which I bought 10 things for £79!) I couldn't resist buying the exact same one in bright pink for £8! I've got a a bit of a thing for dresses with cut out detail at the moment and have a couple by Aqua Couture which I love. My sister is not too happy, but I am!

What did you get up to last weekend?

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