Every child grows up, except one

So everyone has an obsession at one point and mine currently has to be the "Peter Pan" collar on dresses and tops. They seem to be everywhere at the moment and I can't help but want to buy one every time I see one either online or in a shop!
I feel that the "Peter Pan" style is just such a classic and girly look. The colours of the dresses/tops shown above are perfect for this season - with bright bold colours, nudes and a splash of blue to brighten up your wardrobe they are exactly what you want to ensure you are bang on trend this season with the colour as well as style.

These 2 dresses are 2 that I have already purchased both in the sale. The black one is from Miss Selfridge and the Grey one is from ASOS.
Does anyone else have a soft spot for the cute collar?

Claudia xxx

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