ASOS has definitely got to be one of my favourite places to shop, not only do they have gorgeous clothes but they are always a reasonable price (the fact they have 20% student discount is always nice!).
Here are a few things I want at the moment and will be purchasing on payday - hopefully!

ASOS Embellished Collar Shift Dress - £18
I currently have a "thing" for a 'Peter Pan' collar which I shall enlighten you on in my blog post tomorrow! I just absolutely adore this dress and it would be perfect for a night out. It is reduced to £18 in the sale...I can't really go wrong!

ASOS Knitted 60s Shift Dress - £36
Yet another dress with a collar - surprise surprise! However, it can't just be me having so much love for it, as it's out of stock in pretty much every size, so I am having to check constantly to see if they get any back in, in a size 8! The contrast in colours between the dress and the collar, makes it look really striking. They do the dress in 2 other colours but it's not quite as striking and I feel that this colour is perfect for spring and summer with all the lovely bright block colours that will be around.

ASOS Cotton Duffle Cape - £65
I have wanted a cape for such a long time but never actually got round to getting one but now the weathers going to be getting a bit warmer (not that it feels like it) I still feel that a Cape is perfect for Spring weather, because having no sleeves it can be a real issue when it is cold. I love the whole outfit the model has on if I'm honest, and may have to steal the look and buy the whole lot!

ASOS Heart Jacquard Cropped Jumper - £30
How cute is this jumper? They do it in Black with cream hearts but with me being the girly girl I am, of course I had to go for the pink! I think this would look great teamed with black skinnies or a pleated skirt (which they also do a lovely knitted one on ASOS) teamed with my Black knitted Headband and my River Island lace up brogue boots.

ASOS Pleat Front Chino - £30
I adore the whole 'masculine' look on girls and think that this outfit looks great.

ASOS Panda Sweat - £25
This jumper, is just me all over if I'm honest! I have such a big panda obsession and have loads of panda accessories such as a panda hat, panda snood, panda mittens, panda ring etc etc. So this would really match my collection! I would team this with the chinos above.

So what do you think and is there anything you really want at the moment?
Claudia xxx


  1. So so glad you commented on my blog so I got to see yours. Actually have been wanting a cape FOREVER and the one youve just posted is lovely! You just earned a follower in me haha :) x

    harriet x

  2. I love the first dress so much, beautiful!!

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  3. I always want too much! Love the peter pan collar dresses always a winner in my book xx

  4. I love the brown cape and the hearts jumper!
    Asos is definitely one of my fave shops, too! <3

  5. the first dress is AMAZING x