One to Watch

I just wanted to tell you about my Mum's Fashion Blog. Along with all the usual fashion news (don't forget she knows her stuff, as is always buying clothes for me and my sisters)she has added three new sections 1. Spree v Steal, which shows a great coat similar to that just seen on the Marc Jacobs Runway 2. A Luxe for Less section which shows a current or future "on trend" item at a bargain price and 3. A High Street Pick of the Week item which currently features an Oasis dress which is in this weeks Grazia, which was £55 and is now reduced to £35. You can click on the garments to buy, to make shopping online even easier. Don't be put off by the Blog title or that she is my Mum, she has always had a Passion for Fashion and there is something for anyone of any age interested in Fashion, so add yourself as a follower to make sure you don't miss out!

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