Thank goodness for sales!

Ok, so last Friday after being told that River Island sale had an extra 50% I just couldn't help myself! There was so much good stuff on there, but unfortunately lacking my size or was sold out before i checked out but I still got some really good stuff which were what you call bargains! So today it arrived and firstlly I got a grey fairisle cardigan was £34.99 purchased for £6!! Then the brown striped blazer was £49.99 I bought it for £5!! The pink one shouldered dress was £49.99 bought for £5!! Then the black lace dress was £49.99 purchased for £12.50! Lastly, the black studded ballerina pumps were £26.99 I bought them for £6!! So all that came to £34.50 and if i'd bought it all full price it would have been £211!!! Thats what you call amazing. I couldn't get over how cheap it was, deffinately the place to go if you're on a budget, so get shopping!
Claudia xxx


  1. That black dress looks like an excellent find!! I have a slight obsession with lace :)
    I've added you to my blog list too!

    Abi x

  2. ahhh such great bargains! so jealous :)

    ♥ Hannah