Friday nighttttt

Ok, so I said i'd do an outfit post with my new heels so here it is. I forgot to take one specifically for this so I have this pic. I'm the blonde one on left. Yea i look horrid in it but never mind. My purple dress is by French connection in which they do in many diferent colours but the purple colour of the dress was specially made to celebrate 25 years of London fashion week. I purchased it in London and it's the first time i've worn it and I personally love it. It was really hard to get hold of and there were only a few sizes left as they were selling like hotcakes the only small size left was a 6, so that's what i had to get. Then my new heels. They are amazing but the word "killer heels" deffinately lived up to itself and i'm now suffering from a blister on the ball of my foot but as they say no pain, no gain!
What do you think?
Claudia xxx


  1. You look lovely! The shoes are so gorgeous x

  2. I love the outfit, and killer shoes.. I'm yet to come across a GORGEOUS pair of shoes that doesn't hurt haha ;) ♥