Joules Haul

Beanie Hat - £19.95*
Scarf - £24.95*
Candle - £19.95*
Baby Bird Outfit - £24.95*
Bibs - £4.95 each*

Joules is such a lovely brand that do THE cutest baby clothes. I often look at Joules for baby clothes for my niece Matilda - who is going to look super cute in these bits I got for her (the bibs are reversible which is fab). I don't usually look for bits on Joules for myself, so I decided to have a look at what they had to offer. I got this grey beanie, it was the pink bobble that won me over obviously and I really needed a new scarf and thought this black and white one would be perfect as it will literally go with anything. I had no idea they did home stuff either which was a pleasant surprise. I got this candle (which smells amazing by the way) as I'm currently in the process of looking at properties to buy so this will go nicely in my house when I eventually find one and it would be a great Christmas present for somebody too.


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