BEAUTY - Superdrug 3 for 2

Something I don't do very often is talk beauty but it's something I've decided I'm going to post about more. After hearing and seeing such good things about certain Rimmel Kate Moss pieces I decided to pop to my local Superdrug and purchase them. I'm not one for buying make-up from Boots or Superdrug but if I know a product is good then I'm more than happy to as just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's a good product.  So I purchased Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in shade 108 (£5.49) and the Kate Moss eyeshadow stick in Rose Gold (£4.49). All make-up was on 3 for 2 so I also got Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue blur primer in rose gold (£7.99) as I never wear foundation unless I'm going for a night out so I wanted to get something to perk my skin up.

I tried all three of the products out for the first time the other day and I was really impressed.

The eyeshadow stick - I think it's a gorgeous wearable colour and it has great lasting power. It also works well as a base under other gold eyeshadows.

The lipstick - I usually only use/buy MAC lipsticks but I do love this one as it's a great price and the colour is perfect for this season. It does bleed a tiny little bit but nothing you can't live with and it doesn't last as long as my MAC lipsticks but I'm still impressed and it's definitely become my go to.

The primer - the picture above doesn't really capture the rose tone that well, sorry about that. It claims  it "instantly smoothes for even-looking tone and texture" and "skin looks refreshed and revitalised" I agree that it does do those things and it makes my skin feel really silky and smooth. 

Have you got any of these products? If so, what do you think of them?

Claudia xxx