Cat Lady - H&M | New Balance | Topshop

Jumper - H&M// Leggings - H&M// Scrunchie - Topshop// Trainers - New Balance

This picture was taken at work the other day when I cheekily jumped on set as I couldn't resist the pink background that was being used for something social media related. 

I then thought I would put it on the blog and use it as my outfit pic.

This outfit has definitely been one of my favourite purchases in a long time...truly living up to my blog name. It was so cheap too! £19.99 for the sweatshirt and £9.99 for the leggings...a whole outfit for under £30. Good old H&M...I only went in for a t-shirt. 

We actually have a similar one on NAP but 100x the price (below) it is £300 for both - granted it is Markus Lupfer and really cute but I think I'll stick with my £30 H&M one.

I've just realised this entire outfit is brand new...oops. I've been on such a spree this month! (haul post to follow)
If you love cats you should definitely head to H&M...if you aren't brave enough to wear it together they would both look really cute styled separately.
I hope you're all having a lovely week so far.
Claudia xxx


  1. That outfit suits you so well! :) x

  2. Love it! One does not simply walk into H&M just for a t-shirt ;D xx