Sale Wants

I'm so annoyed a lot of the sales have started before Christmas when I have no money until the end of the month and the fact that they aren't discounting things very much at all!

I'm after a pair of designer shoes or a designer 'weekend' bag. (I'm totally torn and not sure which one to go for)  I have the Givenchy Antigona in gold as my everyday bag but I just want something smaller that goes across the body for cinema or dinner trips as I don't like having to put my bag on the floor (I need to look after it)
A bag is definitely more practical as I have soooo many pairs of shoes but I loveeee them!

As sales have started on both Matches and my-wardrobe I have a few things on my wishlist...

I have managed to get list down to a single bag and pair of boots at Matches but with both items only having 30% off at the moment, I don't feel it's a good enough bargain, so I am praying they get reduced further (which I think they will - in time).

There isn't one single pair of shoes or bag that I want on my-wardrobe but there is a jacket...

Yet again this biker only has 30% off - I wasn't going to spend my money on clothes as I have so many but if this goes down lower it may just have to be purchased. 

Have you got your eye on anything already in the sale?

Claudia xxx


  1. I daren't even look at the sales, I'm so bloody poor! Great picks though, especially those boots xxx

  2. Sweet Blog site. I dig the blog:)