Dress Down Friday.

More excuses as to why I haven't been blogging more frequently and it is all down to Work Experience, again.  Today I finished my first week working at More Magazine with one more week to go and as you all know, if you work in an office you very often have a "dress down friday" and as there was only going to be a couple of us in the office today, I kept things quite casual with my old but so easy to wear Dorothy Perkins midi dress but couldn't resist wearing my Camo jacket (yet again) as despite the temperatures we have been experiencing of late, its not hot when I leave home at the crack of dawn every morning for the commute into London. I can't quite believe how tired I look in this photo and this was the best of a bad bunch - I guess the early mornings have affected me more than I thought!

It is also the first time I have worn my new Underground Creepers which I got earlier this week.  Very similar to my lime green ones but in a dark bottle green shade.

I will catch up with your lovely blogs over the weekend, I'm off out to my friends leaving party tonight and its gonna be mental.

Have a lovely hot and sunny weekend and I hope you love my new creepers!

Claudia x


  1. Love this casual look, hope you had a good time at work experience :) awesome creepers xoxo


  2. The colour of them creepers are so nice!


  3. Really love how you've styled this outfit. I'm a big fan of camo jackets. :) Plus the creepers just add the perfect touch to the outfit.


  4. So much love for this camo jacket, the creepers are fab too. Gorgeous!

  5. I like your jacket...hope to find something similar!

  6. ah you are cuuute as a button! the creepers are so lovely. x

  7. I love the colour of your creepers! x