In just under 4 weeks I shall no longer be a teenager, as I will be turning 20...

I can't say I'm particularly excited about this but the prospect of having my autumn/winter wishlist in front of me instead of on paper or my computer screen, brings the excitement back.

I thought I'd share with you all the things that I have asked for...

Although there isn't much, everything is pretty expensive, so I'm sure I am absolutely loved for this!

First up are the 10 hole cherry red Dr Martens. I've wanted 10 holes for ages now but they are literally so hard to get hold of, Ebay is definitely your best bet. I'm after vintage ones not brand new.

Jeffrey Campbell heels are the next item on my wishlist, whether they be Litas, Foxys or whatever, as long as they're lovely and authentic Jeffrey Campbell, I don't really mind.

Then there are some Hunters. We have the worst winters in England and no doubt will be having snow once again this year, so I feel a pair of Hunters will come in handy - especially as I want to go to a festival next year and hopefully I won't sell my ticket this time!

Camo jackets are everywhere for A/W and I'm loving the grunge revival that's going on, so this is a must for me and every fashionista.

Creepers - a girl can never have too many shoes right? There are a couple of pairs I would love to own and add to my current collection - the cute floral ditsy print pair above being top of the list.

I can't get enough of knitwear and I loved this Khaki studded jumper from Topshop when I saw it instore whilst doing my work experience in London.

What do you think?  Do you have a birthday wishlist?

Claudia xxx


  1. I have those boots! I was really lucky with them as my boyfriend's mom came across them and was going to sell them on but she thought of me and amazingly there were a size three! You've picked some awesome stuff, love the camo jacket xoxo

  2. I love every single thing on your wishlist!
    Especially the Topshop studded jumper :)

    Danielle x
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  3. Love those blue jeffery campbell shoes! To be honest all his shoes are nice though so whatever pair you get you'll be a very lucky girl! xx

  4. Love the boots! Hope you have a great birthday when it comes!

  5. Great wishlist, I love them all! It makes me wish that I didn't have to wait another 8 months for my birthday but excitingly Christmas seems to be fast approaching :) xx

  6. love that jumper! xo