Miss Selfridge Haul

Dress £39 - buy here 

I fell in love with this dress (Petites exclusive) while on my lunch break when I was interning at Red magazine earlier this month in the Oxford St Miss Selfridge store and now I own it! I'm going to Pacha in London for my birthday and this will be the dress that I wear - hopefully along with some Jeffrey Campbell heels which I will get for my birthday! (hint hint mum if you're reading!)

 60s Band Icon Vest £12 - buy here

I love vests tucked into disco pants or cut off Levis and as a fan of The Beatles I thought this top was super cool. (also Petites Exclusive) It also has a sheer black back to it. 

Feather Body Chain - £3

I've been after one of these for a while but they are a little pricey and I can't warrant paying £20 for one piece of jewellery when I can pay that for a top. I also saw a lot of girls wearing body chains over their bikinis in Ibiza which I thought was pretty cool, and no doubt mine will be coming away with me on my next holiday.

Peace Rosary Necklace - £2

Multi Cross Necklace - £2

Gold Peace Wood Hand Harness - £1

A piece of jewellery that is simple but looks great and at £1 I couldn't say no to this hand harness.

Diva Jewellery - buy here

All of these bits came to £59 but with my student discount it came to £53.10. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was that I spent over £40 to get the free next day delivery but it didn't arrive until today but never mind, I am more than happy with my bargain bits and I have my birthday dress :)

What do you think?

Claudia xxx


  1. That dress is gorgeous, really like it! You picked up some lovely pieces! I'm not usually a fan of Miss Selfridge but I love all the bits you got! xxx

  2. Miss Selfridge has such good jewellery sales!
    Love the peace harness! :)

  3. Wow ,amazing Pieces! Love the Dress ♡

    Lovely Greetings ,kisses :)

  4. that dress is absolutely stunning! xxx

  5. That jewelry is very cute :3
    Lav itttt!


  6. I love the dress, I bet it looks gorgeous on you! The jewelery is lovely too and all of them are such bargains :) xx

  7. Gorgeous jewellery, absolute bargains too! The dress is gorgeous, it really would looks lovely with JC's xxx

  8. That dress is lovely and your blog is really cute :) Just followed xx


  9. love the dress. and that "body chain" / "harness" thing is awesome. i kind of want to make one!