Ibiza For Dummies

As this will be my second visit to the White Isle, I thought I would do a blog post about it as I hear from a lot of people that they would love to go there but are nervous about what to expect, especially with the clubbing experience. So it is my intention today to tell you all my plans for my fourth coming trip on Sunday - everything I've booked, and how much money I think you will need for a 10 day holiday.


We have decided to go back to the same hotel we stayed in last time which is called Azuline Bergantin in San Antonio Bay. The reason for this is that this particular hotel is all inclusive at a very good price which I feel is important when budget can often be an issue. I.E if you end up spending all your money and then not being able to afford to eat! It is about a 10/15 minute walk into the strip but you can't expect to be any closer unless you opt for Self Catering. I paid £586 for 10 nights which we booked in Thomas Cook.

We find there are a mixture of people - single sex groups as well as families.

My cousin always stays at Bora Bora beach which is famous for it's all day clubbing experience while you sunbathe, but you'll find the hotels there are very expensive and usually only self catering.

Nights out:

I only did a week last year and the clubs I went to were: Ibiza Rocks, Es Paradis, Eden, Pacha, Zoo Project,

This year I have made an itinerary of which clubs I will be visiting on what nights: Sunday 15th - Strip, Monday 16th - Circo Loco at DC10, Tuesday - Pukka up Boat Party and Carl Cox at Space, Wednesday - Ibiza Rocks, Thursday - Cream at Amnesia, Friday - Ibiza Rocks, Saturday - Zoo Project, Sunday - Avicii at Ushuaia, Monday - Cafe Mambo/Strip, Tuesday - Ibiza Live at Eden, Wednesday - Home :(

Ibiza has the second best sunset in the world which you have to go to Cafe Mambo on Kanya Beach to see, it's just beautiful! If you want to have a sneak peek have a look at The Wanted - Glad You Came video.

Last year I went to Pacha but we decided to give it a miss this year as it is an expensive 80 euros although that meant seeing/hearing Swedish House Mafia live, which I am so glad I did, now they have decided to break up! It was very stereotypical of the drug culture they have in the clubbing capital, which can be extremely scary when you're sober.

Zoo Project: 

For anybody that doesn't know about this clubbing venue, it is in an abandoned zoo with DJ's and lots of people dressed up as different animals! They do body paint  there which is quite expensive but you definitely need it to fit in/finish off your outfit.  I didn't know much about this last year so we didn't plan anything ahead of going and luckily I had a leopard print dress in my case which I hadn't worn yet!
This year I am going as a zebra and here is my outfit:

Bandeau - Topshop// Fringed Shorts - Rare (Topshop)// Belt and Bracelets - New Look// Ring - River Island

Buying Tickets

Some of you going may be quite nervous about buying tickets out there. They are very expensive - there's no getting away from it, but you can buy tickets in the UK before you go. I have already bought my 2x Ibiza Rocks Tickets, 1x Cream @ Amnesia and 1x Ibiza Live at Eden to see Jessie J!! These 4 tickets cost me £153 but that was with 15% discount as my sister and best friend work in Thomas Cook. Result.

I have saved 175 euros to buy tickets for Circo Loco @ DC10, Carl Cox @ Space and Zoo Project (plus the body paint for zoo project) when I am out there from my hotel rep.

This time I am also planning to go to Bora Bora beach during the day and will do so by bus - also note there is the 'disco bus' which takes you to the big clubs as a lot of them are not in the centre of San Antonio, which is cheap as chips at a only a couple of euros for a return. You will feel safer on this if in  a larger group as it can at times be quite intimidating.

Ibiza Rocks:

Me 2nd left.

Ibiza Rocks is a hotel which has some of the biggest acts (my photos are from last year) I saw Fenech Soler and Mark Ronson VS. Zane Lowe which was amazing!

This year on Wednesday 18th I will be seeing Professor Green and DJ Fresh and on Friday 20th I will be seeing Example and Rudimental! Who knows I may be lucky enough to see Millie Mackintosh out there if she is with Prof Green and get a picture with her like I did at London Fashion Week.

As of this year they have started doing two events a week whereas before this they only did the Wednesday night but they have now introduced the 'We Are Rockstars' event on a Friday night which I couldn't be happier about!

What I'll Be Wearing:

As most of you know I bought my holiday clothes back in April, some of it has gone in the summer sale which is always annoying,  but I'm glad I bought it when I had the money. I find that there is nothing worse than rumaging through your suitcase on holiday, deciding what to wear each night, so I've already made a list of what I'll be wearing each night.

My bargain £2 hat from New Look, my £10 River Island Shorts, hand luggage + euros

Treasured possessions from last year!

Shellac - Hot Pop Pink done today ready for my departure on Sunday 

Holiday Essentials

I didn't last long!

Bungee Sling Shot

If you're thinking of going, just do it, and don't have any regrets. If you love clubbing there's no where better to go than Ibiza. 

Claudia xxx


  1. You are so organised! I usually just chuck my stuff in a case and always regret it later. Love the zebra outfit. Hope you have a great holiday x

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  3. Looks so much fun! Would so love to go one day. Hope you have a fab time! xxx

  4. Love your outfit for the zoo project! Hope you have a great holiday :) xx

  5. ahh I'm so jealous of you! also loving the zebra outfit :) xxx


  6. Looks like you had an amazing time last year and I'm sure this year will be just as good if not better!

    Monochrome Magpie

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  8. Wow it looks like you're going to have an amazing time! Lovely hotel and I love all your outfits! Have a great time, looking forward to seeing the pics! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  9. This is such a cool post loveit :) The zoo project sounds amazing!! xoxo