Work Experience at Red Magazine, Beauty Sale & Gifts

I'm so sorry for my absence! I like to think I have valid reasons...
Firstly I spent time in Colchester visiting my sister spending her last ever week of university with her and she is just about to graduate with a 2.1 in Psychology :) my best friend also goes there so I got to spend time with her too!

  Me and my sister (the two in the middle) with her two friends out in Essex
                        Me and my best friend out in Essex

I had been offered some more work experience at Red Magazine just before I set off for my Essex trip which started the day after I got home and on top of this I have been working lots of hours at work as my Ibiza trip is fast approaching! (17days!!)

Whilst doing my work experience at Red they had a beauty sale - Everything was £1 except perfumes were £4. As you can imagine I stocked up! Here are a few of the bits I got...

Top (Left-Right) Ecotools Concealer Brush// Trevor Sorbie Dry Shampoo// Trevor Sorbet Beautiful Blonde UV Protection Spray// Diego Dalla Palma - Make-up Fixer// Rimmel - Wake Me Up Foundation// Mac - Cream Blusher// Witch - Anti Blemish Liquid Concealer// Giorgio Armani Dark Lipstick// Elizabeth Srden - Bronzer// Diego Dalla Palma - Purple Lipstick// Carmex Pink Tinted Lip Balm// Swarvoski - Indian Pink Lipstick

I also got my mum and two sister some bits but they took them before I could photograph them. All of this only being £12 I dread to think how much it would have all cost me full price. The Swarvoski lipstick alone is £23! I will be doing some review for you all very soon. 

At the end of my time at Red they kindly gave me some amazing gifts which I wasn't expecting after the things they gave me the last time - 

                                                             Inside the make-up bag

All of these gifts came inside this fab sunshine yellow rucksack by the brand Fjall Raven which retails at £55. I was so chuffed to have received this with rucksacks being all the rage and with Creamfields coming up in August it's saved me some pennies as I no longer have to buy one! They are sold here.

My amazing card which the lovely ladies made for me...

Claudia xxx


  1. Oh my god can't believe all that make up was only £1 each!! What a bargain?! Also how lovely of them to give you those gifts and make that card, they sound lovely to work with :) xx

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  3. Lovely lipstick colours! Check out my giveaway, if you like.

  4. I adore those lipsticks I'd love some! You lucky thing getting all that makeup! Aww that's such a cute card, it looks like you had a great time! XxxX

  5. Awesome! I have a kanken and I love it, use it everyday for work!


  6. That beauty sale sounds amazing! Fantastic things they gave you too, how lovely of them :-) xxx

  7. the goodies from Red are so lovely!! x

  8. Love the lippies! That's so sweet that they made a card for you too :) xoxo