From London To Ibiza

As promised on my last post I thought I would show you what I bought in London for Ibiza this Summer.

American Apparel - £70

Firstly I bought some more disco pants in the new 'Peacock Blue' colour. This is the one thing I bought that I'm not saving for holiday as they will be far too hot, so I might get the disco shorts to take in gold. 

We all know disco pants aren't given justice when on a hanger - so here is a picture of me wearing them out on Thursday night with my Barbie bodysuit:

H&M - £14.99

I first saw this dress in H&M whilst doing my work experience in London and I love dresses that are shorter at the front and longer at the back, so this gold pleated one at only £14.99 was a must have!

Goldie - £66

I got this dress in Topshop but from the 'Goldie' concession.  It was £66 but I instantly fell in love with it - I think it was the leather straps! Although I'm saving this for Ibiza I really want to wear it with DMs now, but I am going to try and save it.

Topshop - £29

This neon skater dress is from Topshop - I bought this thinking it will look great on holiday with a tan, it is brighter in real life than in the picture.

Miss Selfridge  £22

I'm sorry about the awful first picture of the dress but I just wanted to show you the colour as it is actually neon yellow and not the lemon colour in the picture above. This dress will give me some serious underwear issues as it is really sheer but I am going to have to invest in some nude underwear and hope it cannot be seen! Again, it is so bright, it will look fab with a tan. Miss Selfridge also had 20% student discount that day so I got it for £17.60!

Topshop - £35

Loving this denim playsuit which is a bit "tonic" like in colour.

Bershka - £19.99
I originally went into Bershka to get a skull vest that I had seen on a blog and came across these - love them!

The Ragged Priest - £40
I got these shorts from 'The Ragged Priest' concession in Topshop - they are vintage Levis dyed baby pink and baby blue with studs. I fell in love with everything they had instore and thought these were a must for Ibiza. Not sure what I'm going to team them with just yet. Check out their website it's

Croptop - £12   Shorts - £22

Skirt - £25 Top - £18
I got an extra 10% off all my Topshop items with my student discount and here are some pieces I picked up.

I am going back to the same hotel I stayed at last year and will be doing all the big clubs again. I am so excited and all my clothes will get lots of wear, as just like last year, I will only be home just over a week and will be off to Marbella for the family holiday!
                                            What do you think of my Ibiza wardrobe so far?

                                                                      Claudia xxx


  1. I am sososososo jealous your going again this year! your wardrobe is looking fit! especially loving the miss selfridge cut out and denim topshop playsuit! looking forward to seeing your holiday snaps! also gonna have to invest in some disco pants me thinks. you look too good in em mrs! xxx

  2. Oh my god you got some amazing pieces loving the disco pants, the moto skirt, the neon skater dress, the topshop cropped vest, the ragged priest shorts and that H&M dress! Basically all of it. I went to Ibiza a couple of years ago, it's amazing! Make sure you go to Es Paradis it's amazing, especially the Ibiza Rocks after party.

    Hope you have an amazing time.

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  3. AMAZING pieces :) I love the shorts from the ragged priest!! definitely needing some of those for myself this summer! xoxo

  4. love the disco pants, saw some in camden the other day and wish i'd bought them!
    all the clothes look lovely, you have such a good taste! xx

  5. LOVE the ragged priest shorts!


  6. Wow you have lovely clothes, I love the dress with the leather straps.


  7. wow what an amazing little haul I am in love with the peacock blue disco pants they are freaking amazing I saw them on there website they look awesome on you I sooooo need them lol xoxo

  8. You look great in those disco pants :) xoxo

  9. wow this is the perfect capsule wardrobe Claudia all the pieces are fab and I know you will get so much wear out of them, love them all especially the disco pants I'm not brave enough to wear them but they look soooo good on you!!
    Love Amie

  10. Love everything you bought!!! So chic!! The crop top is so cute!

    XO, Lizz

  11. Those pants look amazing on you!


  12. I especially love the denim play suit and the skull shorts, all lovely picks though! Very jealous :-) Also jealous of how amazing you look in disco pants!

  13. These are all so lovely! The orange shorts and the little floral crop top are going to look so fab together! Pretty sure you're going to be the best dressed person in Ibiza ;)

    Laila x

  14. I see the H&M dress in their catalogue and fell in love, I now need it more than ever! Love the colour of the disco pants too.


  15. OOOhh woow i love your hair !!! Your studdes short and the playsuit ! You have a great style !!


  16. In love with the disco pants, they look gorgeous on, such an amazing colour :) xx

  17. Love the coral dress, so pretty! You bought some lovely stuff :) x

  18. you have such a gorgeous wardrobe Claudia! so jelllllll! xxx

  19. Didn't even know you could buy Peacock Blue Disco pants. OMG. Jealous of your wardrobe.

  20. I am so in love with that adorable neon skater dress! And all the shorts! And the floral cropped tank! All so SO cute!!

    <3 Jo of