Everybody Wants A Zatchel

I'm sure most of you have heard of the bag company 'Zatchels' and some of you are longing for your very own 'Zatchel' I'm sure.

Whilst doing my work experience at Red Magazine, I had to go and pick one up for a shoot and while I was waiting, I could see all of the lovely bags in gorgeous colours and I instantly thought that I'd love one of my own, as I am most definitely a sucker for a satchel. 

Then on my last day when the lovely fashion team at Red handed me over a wonderful bag full of goodies which I completely wasn't expecting, I never dreamt for one moment that I would be the owner of a Zatchels bag...

Well I was and here it is...

They had very generously given me this Zatchels Barrel Bag from their Metallic collection which you can find here

Since being given this gift I haven't stopped using it, especially when it comes to nights out when a smaller bag is exactly what I need. 

Here are some others that I am lusting after:

                                            Zatchels Barrel Bags Fluorescent Collection £45

Zatchels Pastel Collection - Starting from £76

Zatchels Fluro Floral Collection - Starting from £113

There are colours and patterns to suit everyone www.zatchels.com

What do you think?

Claudia xxx


  1. such a lovely bag chicky what a lovely gift to receive. I know these satchels can be expensive but because of the quality you know you'll use it forever, I'd love a "satchel" shaped one myself but the little barrel size is perfect for everyday use and I love the metallic shade of yours, so pretty!
    Much love Amie


  2. I love the layout of your blog
    follow back?xo

  3. Its sooo beautiful!!!!!!!
    Have no words to describe the first pic..............
    I've created a new blog dear!!!!!!!I want you to follow me there, I'll follow you ofc now!

  4. Lovely bag, and your top picks are lovely too :) What a wonderful surprise gift!

    Karys x

  5. Love it! Would be really useful for a night out or a gig :) xoxo


  6. Such a cute bag :)
    I love the neon ones!

  7. i lvoe your bag,... wish it was slghtly bigger with padded inside so that i can fit my camera...!! great blog .. new follower .. hope u can visit mine again soon xx


  8. I love the pink pastel one, they are so classic they suit everyone x

  9. How nice of them, it's lovely and looks a nice size. Not too big but not too small :) xx

  10. I love a good satchel!