Day Four at Red Magazine

Another hot day in London and another lunchtime expedition to Topshop, Office and H&M all my favourite fashion destinations!

Pretty much the same today, getting outfits ready for three shoots abroad, labelling them up and writing the models names on them. Instead of sending returns back by courier, I had to take some back to a PR company by hand but it wasn't far and I didn't get lost!

I am as exhausted as ever, just in from work and it feels as if my tonsillitis I had last week is coming back, even though I finished all my antibiotics, so I am not happy and feel so bad again.
I have just instructed my mum that she has to wash my hair over the bath, paint my nails and wax my legs - this hot weather means I really need to leave the tights off and it is way too hot for trousers at the moment.

I really want some wedge sandals for summer that aren't too high so that I can wear them during the day.  I keep seeing them in the fashion cupboard at Red and every time I see a pair that I think would be perfect, I pick them up and they are like Marni or something, so I put them back - gutted!

I will be in on my own tomorrow as the two interns I work with are both off, one is on a shoot and the other has a press day.  I have been left a list of things by both of them that I have to do, including some Gucci returns, how lovely to be touching some Gucci!  I do have a Gucci bag and may use it tomorrow in honour of my returns!  One of the interns will be in at some point and says she will spend some time with me as she feels bad.  They have both said I can come back at anytime, maybe for a month or something when I have longer holidays from Uni which is nice, so hopefully I have done a good job and have learnt what to expect from a job or internship which I may end up getting one day.

I am off to have my nails painted with a new Nails Inc polish that one of the interns gave me. You will see it tomorrow.  I am also keeping the new clothes I bought for Friday as am meeting friends for Nando's after work, so shall keep you waiting!

Today I wore Topshop leather jacket, Zara T-Shirt, Uttam from Dorothy Perkins Pleated Skirt, Old Belt and Leopard print brogues. The skirt is actually bright Emerald Green but the colour doesn't photograph well!

Its 9.30 and time for bed, forgive me if I haven't had time to catch up with your blogs but I promise to catch up as soon as this week is over.

Claudia x


  1. Your internship sounds exciting! Love your outfit, big fan of your skirt!

  2. I love your skirt! xoxo

  3. Gorgeous outfit, yet again! Sounds like you're busy busy busy! Have a great day today and have fun with Gucci! XxxX

  4. Everything about this outfit is so so nice! What a rubbish time to be ill, I hope you feel better soon!

    Laila x