As Black As Your Hat

Faux Fur Coat - ASOS, Shirt - ASOS, Skirt - Therapy at House of Fraser, Tights - House of Holland for Pretty Polly, Earrings and Necklace - Topshop, Boots - Dr Martens

Every where I go I always get comments about looking like Lady Gaga and I really don't see it. Even more so since getting my lilac hair and full fringe.
I keep wearing my Dr Martens all the time, I just love the way they look with my outfits and the fact that they're black means I can wear them with anything. I know my outfit is pretty all round dark but I thought the Fur coat gave it some colour and I had red lipstick on with it. Some times I think all black outfits are nice especially as I went for my quirky House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights which I love along with all the others from this range. I actually picked these up for £3 from a vintage clothes store which was lovely!
The necklace and earrings that I have on I got from Topshop yesterday along with the two rings below. Topshop jewellery I think can be a little overpriced sometimes so I love it when I go in there and see they have a sale on it. I got all 4 pieces for £9 which saved me a fortune as the two rings were originally £10 each down to £2.50, the necklace was £12.50 down to £2.50 and the earrings were £7.50 down to £1.50 so I was pretty pleased with that.

One thing I just had to purchase yesterday was a new MAC black liquid eyeliner as mine had ran out the day before. I wear liquid eyeliner most days, but it's not an essential item of make-up for me unlike mascara, but I feel I always need it there just in case and then end up putting it nearly everyday anyway.

What do you think? Are there any items of make-up you have to replace as soon as they run out?
Claudia xxx


  1. I love your skirt, coat and docs! xo

  2. you black skirt is very cute!i remember almost buying it months ago but though i didnt really need another black skirt!looks good on youx

  3. Super outfit! I really love all your jewellery - I can't resist some Topshop sale jewellery either! x

  4. Love the skull ring. Lovely outfit too, I live in my dr martens!! X

  5. Nice outfit! I LOVE your skull ring and think your hair looks fabulous! I WISH mine would look like that!

  6. Love that skull ring! What a statement piece. And your earrings are amazing. Gorgeous jewellery :) x

  7. Ooh you're gorgeous! I too live in my docs they're just so comfy! Cute jewellery too, I love topshop jewellery but even more so when it's on sale! xx

  8. I love your look you look gorgeous!! When I had hair like yours bit blonder I used to get comments like that all the time because I normally wear big eyelashes, coloured lipsticks and out there outfits a lot. Its so annoying and I don't see it in you, you look unique and not the same as everyone else which is great! XxxX

  9. Ah I must get my hands on some house of holland tights! All of them look amazing


  10. I definitely think you look like her!!! Love everything your wearing... that coat is amazing!!!

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  11. Hey hun, thanks for your lovely comment xx
    Amazing outfit and jewellery. Love your hair too very cool.


  12. Gorgeous jewellery and I adore your fur coat, so chic <3

  13. nice jacket and jewelry too!!

    xo hun,

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  14. Ah i love your outfit! And your fur coat is gorgeous! Nice purchase topshops brilliant when it has a sale on! Thank you for my comment xx

  15. great look! love everything about this look, especially the fur coat! and your pug is adorable..