I thought I would share one of my uni outfits that I have worn this week with you. Top and Trousers are both ASOS. I teamed them together as I always like to add a hint of colour to colours such as black and white to liven my outfits up a little. The trousers are checked with a black stripe running down either side of the legs, which I think are gorgeous and they have a great fit.

My lipstick is Rimmel from the new 'Kate' range and I absolutely love it as it goes with a lot of things and the colour is perfect for Winter (Rosetto 04) I don't usually go for cheapish brands I'm more of a Benefit or MAC kinda girl but as I was out locally and really wanted it, I got it. However, I'm glad I bought it as it is a good lipstick.
These are the fabulous boots I teamed my outfit with! (click here) When I discovered them on Topshop for only £36 also knowing I would get 10% off with my student card I couldn't resist. They are surprisingly easy to get on and also have the comfort factor! As glitter footwear is all on this season how could I not get these babies especially when in the style of a Chelsea boot - shoe candy indeed.

Are you also loving glitter footwear this season?
Claudia xxx
Benefit Cosmetics (UK)


  1. Cute outfit, love the shoes, I love the glitter slipper type shoes Topshop have at the moment, so tempted to go and try some on!x

  2. Great shoes - I wish I could pull of a dark lipstick, looks great on you :)
    L x

  3. That lipstick looks amazing!
    Love those boots too x

  4. Cute outfit! Your lipstick looks AMAZING!!

  5. I would like those shoes now... please? Ha I have seen so many glittery boots in Topshop but my bank balance just will not cooperate! Ace outfit!