Buys this week

I thought I would share some of my purchases I have got this week with you all.
The bronze glitter loafers pictured above are by Dune and I got them in The ASOS Savvy Sunday sale which was 50% off party shoes! They were £32.50 down from £65, they can still be bought here but with only 20% off. I know I have mentioned previously how much I love glitter shoes for this season, I think they are fab and a trend that I am a huge big fan of. Dune have some great shoes for A/W and I am loving them all.

Then secondly, I got some more feathers for my hair and I'm so thankful to have a 'fat' one! I shall post a picture once I put the extra ones in. I got some extra micro rings this time as so I can put them in separately.

Have you bought anything yet this week and do you love glittery shoes this season?
Claudia xxx



  1. Oooh beautts! I love love love the shoes :) I haven't actually brought anything this week =O letting myself down :P


  2. Love the shoes, I eyed them up myself! I daren't admit how much I've bought this week :/ x

  3. Oooo love thw shoes!.

  4. love the glittery shoes!! i'm a total magpie-anything shiny! love it!

    Julia x

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  6. I love the glitter shoes, such a nice bargain, I havn't got any glitter shoes yet I need some.x

  7. The glitter shoes are gorgeous and I cant wait to see what the fatter feathers look like in your hair. I have not brought anything this week despite having some money for my Birthday.

    I cant wait to see you pug how cute xoxo

  8. I love the glittery brogues! I want to buy some glittery heels! x