ASOS loving

I have been buying so many clothes recently, so thought I would share some of my items with you. I've been trying to take a pic of my outfit everyday before uni so that I can put them on here!
Shirt - Topshop
Trousers - ASOS
Necklace - ASOS
My trousers which may I add - I love! I wore them for the first time today after purchasing them off of the ASOS 'You Choose' sale in association with Facebook (it does come in handy sometimes) which may I say was A-MAZING. I got these for £8 from £40 and they are gorgeous.
What do you think?
Claudia xxx


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I hope you stop by again soon.

    Love your blouse with the trousers - are they stripey?!

    I'm your newest follower.

    The doll on fashion

  2. ASOS is fab isnt it, I have to stay away or I end up on it for hours!