Starting University

Monday was my first day at University.
I have started my degree in Fashion Journalism at Epsom UCA.
Sadly I didn't get accomodation so have to travel each day. This week I am only in three days and on my first day (Monday) things were a bit rushed in the morning, so there was no time for a photo opportunity, so this is my outfit from Day Two.

The t-shirt is Asos (old) but the scarf was a recent gift from my Mum from H&M, the pleated palazzo pants are from Asos and my leopard print brogues were from a local boutique at the bargain price of only £7 and will feature heavily in this autumns outfit posts no doubt, I love them!

Has anybody else started Uni and like me, do you find it hard being away from your school and your best friends? I love the excitement that the future holds and the fact I shall be doing something I have always worked towards but growing up and facing change is hard sometimes.

Love Claudia xx

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