The End Of An Era

After finishing my last year of school and with A Levels officially over, we had a Prom to celebrate the end of an era and for the chance to spend one last time together as a year group.

As we are an all girls school we're all very close, so leaving everyone and school after 7 years is awfully sad. Some of the girls within the year organised our night out and it was on a party boat on the River Thames in London called "The Golden Sunrise". It was an amazing night and I'm glad the thunder storms and lightening managed to stop as I was a bit worried we would get struck or something!

The dress I wore was by Aqua Couture which I purchased off of ASOS. I had wanted the dress for ages and it went out of stock in my size a while back but then suddenly came back in about a month ago. It is a darker red than the pictures show, where it looks a bit orangey and the Black heels are by Kurt Geiger from last year but have only been worn once or twice.

I love Aqua Couture, this is the second dress I have bought by them because I think they really stand out and have a bit of a "wow" factor about them. When I bought my first one, which is black, I had three people ask me on a night out if it was "Aqua" and one of them was a boy!

The cut of the dress and the way it is only attached slightly at the front means that from the back it looks like a top and a skirt, and I love the shaping of the skirt itself.
It was such a good night and now I have Ibiza to look forward to in 2 weeks time, I cannot wait!
Claudia xxx

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