The Cape that turned out not as expected

I had wanted this Cape from the moment I saw Olivia Palermo in the Asos magazine wearing in and was so excited when payday arrived and the Cape was half price in the sale for only £40! I was so excited when I got home today and saw my parcel, I just couldn't wait to put it on.......

but when I did, I hated it! This is what it looked like. I can only describe it that it hangs on me, is shapeless and it's made of the thinnest material ever. I don't know who would have paid full price (£80) for it. I at least expected something that would keep me warm but it is awful to touch and reminds me of a cross between a sack and a horses blanket.
Here is my mum fitting into the size 8 cape and it actually fits her better than me and she's a size 16! I thought it was massive and I was right - sorry mum!
To be honest I think the only person that can pull it off is Olivia Palermo, I bet they made her a cashmere one.
Claudia xxx


  1. I think your right hu, I would have loved to have said 'noooo you look great' but it really doesn't do you any favours, but I personally don't like capes in general...Are you sending it back? xxx

  2. I know, it's just awful! Yep, it's been sent back, thank god! xxx

  3. Argh, how annoying! I refuse to buy anything of ASOS' own brand now, its all such RUBBISH overpriced tat! Quality is AWFUL!!

    S xx