Going Dotty at Marc Jacobs

The Marc Jacobs A/W 11 collection recently shown at New York Fashion Week was said to have been inspired by 'sex shops and insane asylums'.
One of the main elements that appeared throughout the show were polka dots, although I don't understand why or how the spotty fabric could be associated with the two things said to have inspired the designer .
The Dots appeared large and small upon the disciplined clothing. All the models were completely covered from head to toe with no flesh showing and if the clothes were not made from polka dot fabric, the models were wearing block colour dresses and sporting polka dot tights, hats or polka dot bags.
However, this is not the first time polka dots have appeared in one of Marc Jacobs collections as the first time he showed in New York back in the 1980's, polka dots also featured heavily in his designs.
I wonder why it is that polka dots crop up in his collections every now and again? Could it be that as with most other trends they seem to be on a cycle, what was fashionable in the seventies is now fashionable again for this summer and we have just seen the Burberry 60's inspired Jean Shrimpton collection on the London Catwalk. Perhaps it could be that Marc Jacobs was born in the sixties and the clothing worn by the females around him during his childhood have had a large impact on his life as a designer, I guess we will never know.

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