Ok so I am off on my first girly holiday to Ayia Napa at the beginning of July and I really cannot waittt! However, I am slightly scared at being away from my mum for a week. Although I am 18 in September I really am a big baby at heart!
So as i'm getting way to over excited at the fact I have only 2 and a half week until I will be sunning it up, I thought i'd show you some of my holiday purchases so far...
Firstly is this scribble peplum dress for the evening which is by Therapy (House of Frasiers own brand) which I got for £10 in the sale from £45, lovely!

These I got for £8 on amazon. Can't go wrong with a black pair of gladiators!

This top is by Motel which I am planning on wearing om the plane!

This is 1 bikini of many which is by Vitamin A (a brand worn by WAGS as my mother often tells me!) I love the gold rings on it. The picture makes it look black but it is infact chocolate brown.

These are must haves for anyone going on holiday, perfect for around the pool and for the beach.

This is another new bikini by Caprice as she does her own underwear and swimwear range which i love.

This is just a basic white boobtube from H&M, can't go wrong with one on holiday and for only £2.99 it was quite the barg!

Then lastly is a bag from H&M which is going to be my pool/beach bag and it was infact only £1.99 and the moeny goes to UNICEF, so you can't really go wrong there.

So this is everything I have so far and have a few more bits coming which have been ordered!

What do you think and do you have any holidays coming up which you're looking forward to?

Claudia xxx

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  1. I loooove that first dress, its gorgeous xx