I've have seriously been thinking about making my own clothes recently. Me and my friend are thinking of going to classes so that we get to know how tou use a sewing machine properly so were ready to make our own stuff! Luckily my grandma has previously done a dress-making course so she is willing to help! I've been looking at sewing machines and have just come across this sewing machine on the John Lewis website and at £49 I think it's perfect for me as a beginner and it's my favourite colour!


  1. Thanks for the comment.
    My friend has this pink sewing machine and its pretty good, its a really good idea to make your own clothes, especially if you want to have a job in fashion, plus you save money! xx

  2. Oh thats good then. I was wondering whether it was going to be any good! I'm really hope i can get some where with it and the yes money side of it is always a good thing!

  3. *sigh* wish I'd learnt to sew years ago. £50 for a sewing machine? That can't be bad!