A very busy week

Tuesday we had a school trip to Thorpe Park, although we had already finished school, they do this every year as a special treat after GCSE's. Wednesday the preparations for my Prom started as I spent the afternoon in the Hairdressers getting my roots done. Always a natural blonde, I have now gone a bit mousey, much to my disgust!

Thursday started off getting my false nails done and as I was wearing silver accessories with my Prom dress, I went for silver glitter tips, rather than a coral colour to match my dress as I felt it would be hard to match up and wouldn't go with anything else I wore afterwards.
Then it was off to the Hairdressers again. I originally wanted a half up, half down style, but changed my mind and decided on having it all curled and pulled round to one side, with a little french plait weaved in across and round my forehead. There is a long story to tell you about my Prom but I will save that for later! All will be revealed in a couple of weeks!

Friday we had to go into school for our Clearance day. This involves taking all our books in but I thought it was a bit silly doing it the morning after Prom as every body was tired and we were supposed to be in for 9am but I managed it for about 10.

Saturday I was working but only managed the morning as I was sick twice! My Dad had bought me a Kebab Friday night, so I am blaming that. Luckily I work for a member of my Family and my Auntie insisted that I go home. I only earnt 1/2 a days wages which was gutting, but still felt ill yesterday aswell although I did manage to go out to a Gig last night. It was pretty boring, so was home by 10pm. Nobody really dresses up for these events, so I wore a little Nautical dress I bought from a local boutique after having fallen in love with it the other week. It seems that the Nautical trend comes in every spring and summer but I have never been into it before I saw this cute dress. I wore it with the silver coloured necklace I bought to go with my Prom dress as I am loving this necklace at the moment. I did wear other silver jewellery, my Tiffany things I got last year for my 16th Birthday but I got the photo taken before I got round to putting them on. I normally prefer separates for day wear but I must admit it is so much easier to chuck a dress on, I will buy more!

More Prom pictures to follow this is just the one snapshot my Mum took.

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  1. Cute!!! I love the first outfit and I love the prom dress.ohhhhhh and I loveeee your blog. lol. My FAV color is pink,so the background caught my attention. I'm following you, so I'll be keeping an eye on (stalking) your blog.;-)